General Purpose Cleaners

Foamy- Shower & Restroom Cleaner

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • A powerful combination of cleaners, surfactants and organic
    salts that attack soap and scum residue.
  • Use on sinks, chrome, stainless steel, glass, fiberglass
    painted wood surfaces, ceramic walls and floors, locker rooms,
    showers, etc.
Size Item #
55 98PFY55 pH: 2
05 98PFY05 Color: Clear
4X1 98PFY0G Scent: Mint
12XQTS 98PFY0Q Dilution: 1:32

Grout Cleaner- Deep Cleaning Hard Tile Grout Cleaner

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Quickly restores stained grout lines on floors without the need
    for heavy scrubbing.
Size Item #
05 98PGC05 pH: 1
4X1 98PGC0G Color: White
12XQTS 98PGC0Q Scent: None Added
Dilution: 4:1

Lime Out- Hard Water & Stain Remover

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Penetrates and dissolves away hard water stains, films, lime scale,
    rust and other deposits caused by minerals in your water.
  • Regular Use prevents mineral deposits and soap film build ups.
Size Item #
05 98PLO05 pH: 1:32
4X1 98PLO0G Color: Yellow
12XQTS 98PLO0Q Scent: None Added
Dilution: 1:32

Liquid Cream Cleanser- Mild Abrasive For Tough Cleaning Jobs

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Used for cleaning bathtubs, chrome, stainless steel, porcelain,
    sinks, tile, fiberglass, enamel and a variety of other surfaces.
Size Item #
05 98PCC05 pH: 11.5
4X1 98PCC0G Color: White
12XQTS 98PCC0Q Scent: Mint
Dilution: RTU

Pro-Act- Septic & Drain Line Bacterial/Enzyme Cleaner

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • A blend of non-pathogenic active bacterial cultures and
    enzymes that degrade carbohydrates, proteins, blood, body
    fluids, and lipid residue.
  • May also be used as a urinal drip refill, plumbing maintainer,
    and on upholstery and carpets.
Size Item #
05 98PPA05 pH: 11
4X1 98PPA0G Color: Blue
12XQTS 98PPA0Q Scent: Floral
Dilution: RTU

Total- Peroxide Cleaner Concentrate

SDS | Technical Data Sheet
  • Contains a combination of Hydrogen Peroxide, Natural Orange
    and Biodegradable surfactants.
  • Provides heavy duty cleaning without use of chlorine bleach,
    phosphates or butyl solvents.
Size Item #
05 98PTT05 pH: 3.5
4X1 98PTT0G Color: Clear
Scent: Citrus
Dilution: 1:128